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If you attribute a quote, note the date as I update the manual periodically, and a later visitor might find the passage changed.

A work of this scope by one person with no editor contains errors large and small.

NRS 613.100 Endangering life or property by breaking employment contract: Penalty. NRS 613.120 Unlawful to demand or receive fee or commission as condition to giving or continuing employment to worker; penalty.

NRS 613.125 Effect of employers failure to make agreed payments to health or welfare fund; penalty.

NRS 613.130 Unlawful agreements concerning membership in labor organizations as condition of obtaining or continuing employment; penalty.

NRS 613.135 Unlawful acts of employer relating to social media account of employee or prospective employee.

Constitution, bylaws Contracts Constitutional changes and retroactivity Presidential intepretations PRB decisions Convention debates CAC and IEB decisions Union past practices Pamphlets, administrative letters, Solidarity Websites Clarity Procedural advice Courts and NLRB Academic writing Stick with the union Do your homework The grievance procedure A few arbitration rules What union reps do External-law grievances Individual/group/policy grievances The appellee and the time limit in a grievance appeal Union role reversal in a grievance appeal What if you win a grievance appeal?

The present Roman Missal, now almost universally used in the Catholic Church wherever the Latin Rite prevails, consists essentially of two parts of very unequal length.

People considering joining the UAW are also welcome to read it.

I do not advertise the manual and it carries no advertising. But I discourage visits, use, and quotations from the manual by anyone else, particularly (1) employers, their agents, and counsel, (2) employees represented by the UAW who have resigned or elected not to join, and (3) neutrals including arbitrators, umpires, mediators, academics, teachers including labor studies teachers, students, reporters, charities, courts, judges, and NLRB or DOL or other government officials.

Each Mass consists usually of Introit, Collect, Epistle, Gradual and Alleluia or Tract, Gospel, Offertory, Secret, Communion, and Post-Communion, the passages or prayers corresponding to each of these titles being commonly printed in full.

The beginning of the volume to the "Ordo Missae" is devoted to the Masses of the season ( Proprium de Tempore ) from Advent to the end of Lent, including the Christmas cycle.