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Avatars are retrieved from an avatar provider; the default provider is

Swarm sends an identifier to the avatar provider (for , an MD5 hash of the user's email address), and the provider returns the user's configured image (if one exists).

Note that the Name in your profile refers to your display name, which is different than your Username.

Your Name appears in your profile and is shown with your activity in Disqus.

Your username appears in the URL of your profile and is used for logging in.

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JPG) I check the server,and pic file already exist. JPG) I check the server,and pic file already exist.

Word Press integrates Gravatars into every Word Press site.

Once registered with Gravatar, the service matches your Word Press profile information to the email address registered with Gravatar and displays your custom Gravatar image next to comments and (optionally) elsewhere on the Word Press site.

Click your name (next to the notifications bubble) to open the drop down menu, then click "Edit Settings".

Tip: When logged into your Disqus account, your Settings may be accessed directly at Once you've accessed your Disqus settings and navigated to the Profile tab, you'll then be able to edit your Avatar, Name, Website, Location, Bio, and Privacy Settings.