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Kim Tae-Hee was born on March 29, 1980 in Ulsan, South Korea. Why don't you try and debut and see if you'll ever get famous even in your own country, miserable jobless idiot. In Grand Prix, you were at ease though a little bit tense but fully in control. I miss seeing you onscreen, pls do act a new drama that is really cheerfu not quiet, a really happy drama. Her immediate family consists of her parents, one older sister and one younger brother. I hope that this drama will have a wonderful ending. The casts are extremely good in their characterization most esp. Not to.mention their undeniable PERFECT! I bet KTH and Joo Won will win a best actor and best actress award for this drama. For me, you are so beautiful and glowing in Yong Pal. MBC cable TV program "Star Secret" discovered these facts when they pulled up her school records and also learned male students in one of Kim Tae-Hee's high school gym classes would often stand next to the window to see her and scream out her name.[2] In high school, Kim Tae-Hee picked up the quirky nickname "Headbanger". So don't mind the haters, always be happy, healthy and lead a positive life. This nickname came about because she would often study late into the night and in class would nearly drift off into sleep and then quickly snap out of it, resulting in her head making a headbanger motion - popular with heavy metal music fans.[3] Kim Tae-Hee then entered Seoul National University, often mentioned as South Korea's most prestigious and most difficult to enter university, to major in fashion design. You can be an angel and can be a witch in your character,very convincing. Eonni, daebak on your awesome performance in Yong Pal. You are awesome in dark role, but your are also great in rom-com. Jang Dong Gun or Won Bin might be too much to ask, right? so cool, so badass, so smart and soooooo pretty :) and great chemistry w/ Joo won.

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Kim Tae-Hee, known for her beauty, actually grew up as a tough young girl. please continue with what you are doing because for me you are great and don't be bothered with the haters, they are just jealous. I just started watching Korean dramas, and after watching Birth of a Beauty, a friend recommended Stairway to Heaven.

Trước khi ra mắt công chúng, cô đã xuất hiện trong một số video âm nhạc như "Magic Castle" của TVXQ.

Entertainment thông qua hệ thống SM Saturday Open Casting Audition.

En 2003, a la edad de 16 años, fue recomendado a una audición para el Starlight Casting System de la agencia SM Entertainment, a pesar de la negativa inicial de sus padres, asistió a la audición y fue aceptado.

Comenzó a tomar clases privadas de canto, baile y lecciones de actuación.