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The Complaint: “I cannot stand when guys are active on Twitter and Facebook with their friends, but they never acknowledge their girlfriend's electronic existence.

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Still dealing with the consequences of his one serious relationship, all he’s interested in is revamping his family’s behind-the-times café.

Can Tate wait while Harper works through her insecurities and fears? Loving mushy romance, books, movies and music since she was young, and constantly daydreaming up stories and plots, Stephanie decided to put them on paper.

We talk every single day, and the only times we don't are when she really can't make the time, or if she doesn't have her phone and she's away. She has real-life friends as well, and she likes to hang out with him quite a bit.

Alright, before anyone decides to judge based on a few sentences, all I ask is that you please take the time to read the entire situation, please. (Most of them are girls.) They party, drink, do things like that. Many of my online friends are close to me in some way and we talk to each other pretty much every day, if not, then every other day. Anyway, I've met many people on here, people to whom I'm close. (We share phone numbers, Facebooks, Skype details, things like that. I've had a few online/long-distance relationships, some of which were serious, some of which weren't, with females I've met on this client/site.Some of these pieces you have no doubt seen; others you may be viewing for the first time.If you come across something you like please let the artist know -- give them some DA love in the form of faves and comments; also take a look at their galleries -- you might like their work so much you'll want to watch them!We would all plan the wk before where we would go after bible study.