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Validating xml with xsd c

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If the XSD is publicly available using HTTP and referenced through a "schema Location" or "no Namespace Schema Location", then the validator will pick it up and it doesn't need to be specified/uploaded.*The maximum size limit for file upload is 2 megabytes.The Add method receives as arguments a namespace URI that identifies the schema ( and the name and location of the schema file (in the current directory).Create and set the properties of an Xml Reader Settings object.This program validates the XML document against the schema successfully.However, when the user selects the XML document catalog1.xml, validation fails for the book element in the lines containing more than one title element.

In this example, we demonstrate how to activate such validation.

[The information in this topic applies to MSXML 5.0 for Microsoft Office Applications and later.]In MSXML 5.0 for Microsoft Office Applications and later, support for inline XSD schemas provides another alternative for validating documents.

Inline XSD schemas are a good approach when you want to have the schema included or merged directly within document that uses it for validation.

Somehow, though, I can't seem to validate it automatically in C# without specifying the schema to validate against like so: Xml Document asset = new Xml Document(); Xml Text Reader schema Reader = new Xml Text Reader("relative Schema Path"); Xml Schema schema = Xml Schema. I try using 7 several methods for validate XML using XSD, but all fails for me. I try using 7 several methods for validate XML using XSD, but all fails for me.

Read(schema Reader, Schema Validation Handler); asset. Files (1 xsd, 2 xml) and full C# code here: Reader Settings settings = new Xml Reader Settings(); settings.